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About me

Full-stack web developer with +12 years of experience. I started coding websites when I was 16 years old, with a brand new Gentoo Linux distro and as a junior developer with 17 y.o in a company based in my hometown. After my graduation, I switched to a new company as a lead web developer where I was in charge of frontend development (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and backend (PHP, Mysql, API REST) for 3-4 years.

As a result of the idea of the Master's final project, I co-founded a SASS-based company in the management of `smart cities` & their data (running) and in parallel left the company where I worked and I co-founded a web/mobile app company (sold).

I'm currently working as a senior web developer in an award-winning SASS company while working on side-projects.

I'm always looking for new challenges and creating/shipping new products and services!

One of my key aspects is the willingness to learn and continue learning from day to day! I love to give a lot of work to my brain!

I like to recognize the merits of my colleagues and not hide my own mistakes. Kudos for all!

I always want to ship products, services, apps and new things!

I'm proud to be a kind, easy going and cheerful person

I enjoy having beers with my friends and spend time with them.

I love traveling. Seriously. And it is no coincidence that the globe points Asia.

I am in love with computers from age 10, at 14 years old I installed my first Linux distro -RedHat then I switched to Gentoo- and with 15 I learned my first programming language (C).

I'm keen on spicy food. Very spicy

I would have liked to become a movie director, for now, I am okay watching movies

Professional Web Apps/Platforms

SASS startup with a citizen participation platform that offers advanced surveys, cutting-edge secure digital consultations, participatory budgeting, transparency, open data, etc. solutions in a single environment to make participation an everyday occurrence. Recognitions: OpenAwards'17 Winning, Best Spanish Startup of '16, SmartCity Award on Government & Economics Category.

Position: Software engineer


  • - Frontend & Backend development in PHP (Yii + Twig), HTML5, CSS3 (SASS) & Javascript.
  • - Backoffice development in React, Redux, Webpack & SASS.
  • - Transparency Tool in VueJs, HTML5 & CSS.
  • - Stack: AWS (EC2, Load Balancer, S3..), Postgres, REST API & microservices.
  • - Methodologies: Scrum, Agile, Gitflow, BEM, SOLID.

Indiko logo

Co-founded this award-winning Smart city platform that allows municipalities the analysis of standardized indicators for the observation, measurement and evaluation of the progress of the behavior of the city. Indiko offers cities a real-time dashboard with city metrics and public perception to allow either citizens and city responsibles know and improve the city objectives. The platform has different features like open data portal, transparency portal, public/private dashboards, objectives, metrics, indicators, etc.

Position: Co-founder, CTO & developer.


  • - Full Platform development (from the database to design and implementation).
  • - Help startup organization, growing and management (business plan, elevators pichs...).
  • - Build the platform with PHP (Codeigniter), HTML, CSS, MySQL, Git...
  • - Ship and maintain the platform.

Brandrain logo

SASS digital & social media monitoring platform to allow enterprises follow, track and measure the impact of their actions/keywords and gather all the news that affects their company or sector. With this software, the companies could interact with users, prevent a reputation crisis or measure the impact. We crawl all the social networks, newspapers (online & offline) and present it in a nice dashboard. Discover influencers, journalists, related news, etc.

Position: Lead developer

  • - Frontend & Backend team leader of the main platform (5 developers).
  • - Redesign & reimplement the whole app with PHP, Javascript, HTML & CSS.
  • - Development of the Brandrain ecosystem (Informyzer, crawlers, web pages...)


Side Projects

MagicMirror for Bismart logo

Developed the Magic Mirror system for Bismart. A personal shopper that previous face scanning, recommended the customer clothes and complements according to customer clothes & preferences.

Through facial recognition technology Magic Mirror offers customers an experience out of the ordinary when it comes to shopping. Tool streamlines the process of the buyer to propose and suggest articles and potential trends for the customer, all based on emotions, tastes, interests and customer purchase history.

This Magic Mirror was presented in the MWC 2017 Barcelona, and have a great repercussion in the press (link, link, link) and even in the TV (link, link).

Position: Developer

  • - Build the face recognition/sentiment analysis with Microsoft API
  • - Develop the recommendation system.
  • - Design, develop & test the mirror layout and steps.

TrainingCloud logoTrainingCloud

Web & mobile app software to help trainers to organize and manage team data & trainings, allowing shared data, online tactics & record team results.

With Training Cloud you can work as a professional. Take advantage of all the information you have in your hands (even from a computer, tablet or mobile!): track the opponent, match statics, whole season training planning, share with other coaches, parents or the players the personalized trainings.

Position: Co-founder & Developer


  • - Frontend & Backend development in Javascript (Backbone), HTML & CSS.


Octopi Software

Co-founded this Web & Mobile Apps Startup. We developed web & mobile based software with innovative techniques. Some of our products: Pintevent (event searcher), Boardmix (dj social network), GrowApp (Event attendizer)... I lead the development of the products (Product design, specifications, roadmap, scrum...) as CTO coordinating a 7 people team. The company was sold in 2016.

Position: Cofunder, CTO & Developer


  • - Lead the product design, development, integration and shipping.
  • - Frontend & Backend development.
  • - Scrum Manager.
  • - Stack: Javascript (Node & AngularJS), HTML + CSS, ElasticSearch.


During all these years I have done a long number of web pages on a professional level either in a team as well as a freelancer. Among them, there are web pages for companies, e-commerces, CMS, personal and institutional web pages. These are some of them:

NGO's & OpenSource

EndavantHaiti Logo Endavant Haiti

I developed the website (Wordpress) and payment method for this NGO that helps the Haiti people. Check it out! They are doing a geat job!

Endavant Haiti

Cineastas en accion logo Cineastas en Acción

Helped in the development of the website for this NGO that organizes audiovisual workshops for children, workshops for women, activities in the schools in Senegal and more!.

Cineastas en acción

GitHub / StackOverflow

I have an active account in StackOverflow (top 15% overall), a GitHub account where I helped some initiatives like `Code For Spain` or `CryptoCat` (and where I have some experiments and demos) and in a loooot of other nice Internet sites: Codepen, Medium, Buffer, Twitter, GitLab, Atlassian, Slack, BitBucket, Firebase, etc.

Future Projects

I always have ideas and projects that helps me to learn new technologies, libraries or languages. Nowadays I'm interested in Blockchain (who isn't?) and thinking in various applications related to it. Stay tuned!


  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • Wordpress
  • Vue.js
  • React
  • Bootstrap
  • Webpack
  • jQuery
  • Unix
  • AWS
  • GIT
  • Web Development
  • SQL (Mysql,PostgreSQL)

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